3 amazing secrets and secrets for sending large files via Gmail

When you open your Gmail account and attach the files you want to send, here in the meantime you may encounter an error message stating that you cannot send content more than 25 MB in the same email.

This is because Google sets this maximum attachment size at 25MB, a restriction that can be very annoying.

The question now is, what to do in the meantime when you want to send an attachment via Gmail whose size is more than 25 MB? Fortunately, there are two different methods that allow you to send files larger than 25 MB via Gmail, and during this article we will highlight these methods step by step.

How to send a large file by email?

If you are looking for apps to share large files over the phone, Gmail is clearly not among the most convenient alternatives to use.

However, these two procedures that we are going to explain to you are very useful for bypassing the platform’s size limitations and hence you can also use them to transfer large files. Let’s see what it is.

First method: Use Google Drive

Google Drive is already one of the best platforms for sharing large files, and you can use its help to do the same through Gmail.

As we have seen, Gmail does not allow you to attach content larger than 25MB, but it does allow you to add links to Google Drive folders containing those files you want to share.

This is how you can follow it from the desktop version of Gmail on your computer and from the app on your phone. We’ll show you how to do it either way.

In the desktop version of Gmail

Open Google Drive and click the “+ New” button in the upper-left corner.

Upload the file or folder you want to send via Gmail.

Open Gmail and click the “Write” button in the upper-left corner.

Click “Insert files from Google Drive” in the bottom options bar.

Select the folder or file saved in Google Drive that you want to send.

Click the “Insert” button to add the link to the message.

Complete the rest of the email fields and click “Send.”

The second method: in the Gmail application

Open the Google Drive app, tap on the Google Drive app, and tap “+ New” in the bottom right corner.

Click “Upload” and select the files you want to share via Gmail.

Once the files are uploaded to Drive, open the Gmail app and tap “Write.”

Click the pin button at the top.

In the options drop-down menu, click “Insert from Drive.”

Select in Google Drive the files you want to attach to the mail.

When the links are added to the message, click the send button.

Third method: Compress files

If the files you want to send are very large, you can use the compression method to transfer them via Gmail. This way, the files will be stored in a smaller folder that you can then attach to the email.

Compressing files from a Windows computer is very easy. All you have to do is select the files, right-click and choose “Compress to ZIP File”. After just a few seconds, you’ll create a ZIP folder that you can then send via Gmail.

If you want to compress files from an Android phone, you have to resort to third-party applications like WinZip, RAR and ZArchiver.

They are all free and very easy to use, as you will only have to select the files you want to compress and wait for the folder to be created which you will then share via Gmail.

What do you think this way?

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