Huawei Pocket 2 foldable price and specifications and the most important features

Today we have the latest folded phone from HuaweiAfter the P50 Pocket and Pocket S, Huawei launches the Pocket 2. What’s new this time? Let’s get to know each other..

A look at the price, specifications, and most important features of the foldable Huawei Pocket 2

The design language did not differ much from previous generations. Huawei maintained the design letters that distinguished Pocket from the Z-Flip and other foldable phones from competing companies. We mean the circular camera window with a diameter identical to the circular screen at the back. In the front, the screen takes advantage of the interface very well with a camera hole in the middle. .

The focus was on working on the hinge to reduce the folding gap to nearly zero. This is what Huawei said and what the marketing videos showed, but we must wait until we receive the phone and inspect it to confirm this information. There are two options for manufacturing materials: a glass option weighing 202 grams and a thickness of 7.25 mm, and a leather texture option weighing 199 grams and a thickness of 7.35 mm. These numbers, in addition to the device’s small dimensions, promise a comfortable use experience in daily life.

On the right is the power button integrated with a fingerprint sensor and volume up and down buttons, on the bottom is the Type-C charging port, a speaker and the SIM card slot, and on the top is a second speaker for high-quality and realistic stereo sound.

One of the important improvements included this year is water resistance with the IPX8 standard. Huawei says that the phone can drop to a depth of two meters within half an hour without problems, while stressing that there is no resistance to dust, something that must be taken into consideration.

Huawei did not change much in the screen. It introduced a 6.94-inch OLED panel with FHD+ resolution. The only important change was the support for LTPO technology for a variable refresh rate from one to 120 Hz to conserve more energy. Huawei also increased the screen brightness to reach 2200 nits in maximum modes.

The back screen is also a 1.15-inch OLED with a resolution of 340 pixels with a variable refresh rate from one to 60 Hz. The phone runs on the HarmonyOS 4 system, which makes customizing interfaces and windows more flexible and easy on the external screen. You can program it to display some applications for quick access, and it can also display the date. And quick information or even using it to take high-quality selfies with the rear cameras.

The company did not officially reveal the name of the processor, but reviewers of the device confirmed that it comes with the Kirin 9000S chip, and 8 GB RAM will be available with several options of storage capacity, we have 256, 512 GB or the highest option is one terabyte. There is a distinctive version of the device called Pocket 2 Art, with a more attractive design, with a 16 GB RAM option and a 1 terabyte storage capacity.

Huawei has registered its name as the first company to launch a foldable phone of this type with four rear cameras, the main one with a resolution of 50 megapixels and a wide aperture of 1.6 that supports optical stabilization, the second lens is an ultra-wide 12 megapixel with an aperture of 2.2, and the third lens is a telephoto lens with a resolution of 8 megapixels and an aperture of 3.4 for three times zoom. Without losing quality with up to 30x digital zoom.

The fourth lens comes with a 2-megapixel resolution and is designed to measure temperature and the intensity of ultraviolet rays. One of the features of the lens is to notify you to apply sunscreen when the intensity of the heat requires it.

The main camera supports 4K video recording or FHD slow motion at 960 frames per second.

On the front is a 10.7-megapixel Ultra Wide selfie camera for better group selfies.

Huawei has increased the battery capacity to 4520 mAh with a 66-watt fast charging capacity. The charger comes inside the box with two ports, a port for a Type C cable and a port for a regular USB A cable, and there is also support for 40-watt wireless charging.

The phone will be available in black, purple, white and gray at a price starting at $1040 for the 256 GB option, $1110 for the 512 GB storage capacity, $1180 for the 512 GB option…

The most expensive Art version, with 16 GB RAM and 1 terabyte storage capacity, comes at a price of $1,500.

Now we leave you with the video:

What do you think of the new Pocket 2 phone? Will it be an awakening for Huawei in the foldable phone market? Share your opinions with us below in the comments section.

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