Reveal arrival date and eligible phones

The Android 15 update has entered the public beta testing phase on Google Pixel phones. The Korean company Samsung is also supposed to bring the Android 15 and One UI 7 update to its phones later this year.

Like all developments, a beta program of the Samsung One UI 7 update will also be launched initially. Leading Samsung devices will get early access to the One UI 7 interface update based on Android 15.

However, the beta program may only be available in 7 countries including the US. Mid-range and economical phones will start getting the major update around November of this year.

The date of the arrival of the beta update for the Samsung One UI 7 interface

Samsung is expected to launch its One UI 7 beta program in August this year. The company will also expand the deployment of the beta version of the Android 15 update to several leading phones from different manufacturers by the I/O 2024 conference.

According to Google’s roadmap, the beta version of the Android 15 update was launched in April, the second beta will be launched in May followed by the third beta, and the fourth beta in July.

Google Pixel phones are expected to receive the stable Android 15 update at the end of October this year.

Which Samsung phones are eligible to get One UI 7?

The Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra will receive One UI 7 beta software in the first phase. Later, older flagships like the Galaxy S23 and S22 series will join the party as well as existing and upcoming foldable phones.

Some mid-range phones such as the Galaxy A55 and A35 may also be able to join the trial.

The trial program is intended for a limited number of models, but Samsung is disseminating updates on a larger international scale.

This process will begin during November, likely after Samsung holds this year’s developer conference event in October.

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