Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is getting an update with very important features soon

When the Korean company Samsung launched its flagship series of phones Samsung Galaxy S24 “Galaxy S24”, I had some issues with the camera.

Indeed, these problems were fixed with the first software update. Later, another update to improve the camera arrived in April.

However, not all camera issues have been fixed yet. But these shortcomings will reportedly be improved with an upcoming software update.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra update brings more improvements to the camera

According to what was published @UniverseIceSamsung will release another update for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to fix remaining camera issues.

These improvements will include telephoto camera quality, white balance accuracy, and a reduction in the unnatural red tint that appears in some photos.

However, the source says that Samsung has not provided a specific timeline for the release of the next update. However, we can expect the update to arrive in May or June 2024.

With the previous update, Samsung fixed white balance and exposure-related issues. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra tends to overexpose photos, so bright areas and light sources appear blown out.

Samsung has also improved low-light image quality and color accuracy in the Expert RAW camera app.

Text clarity in zoomed shots has also been improved with the April 2024 update. Instant Slo Mo now supports 1:1 aspect ratio videos at resolutions as low as 480 x 480 pixels.

With the previous update, Samsung also improved the camera image quality in the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus.

However, things are still not perfect, and the camera may stabilize with the next few updates.

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