Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra and Galaxy Tab 10S will support the largest charging capacity in the company's history!

account statement “BenIt Bruhner ProIt was previously known on Twitter that the charger, which bears the name “Super Fast Charging 3.0” with a power of 65 watts, will appear soon, specifically with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 series.

If these leaks are true, this will be specifically during July of this year 2024. It will be added later with a phone. Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra.

This is in line with previous leaks that indicated that the Samsung Galaxy S25 series will support a 65-watt fast charger.

Below are the most important features and improvements that the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will bring.

The phone will come with a processor Snapdragon 8 Gen4 with new 3nm process technology and Oryon cores, delivering performance and efficiency at a new level.

RAM From 12 to 16 GB.

a screen 6.9-inch size, with higher brightness and thinner edges.

Cameras: A completely new configuration, with the possibility of an approximately 1-inch main sensor, an improvement in the 50MP 3x-5x variable telephoto camera, a 50MP wide-angle camera, and a 50MP 10x telephoto camera.

the battery: Potential increase to 5500mAh capacity, with new technology stack, increases power density and reduces degradation.

Shipping: A possible addition of 65W charging, in addition to the possibility of adding 25W Qi2 wireless charging, with MagSafe technology.

Operating system and interface: One UI 7.1 is powered by Android 15, with new and improved Galaxy AI features and an enhanced user experience.

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