Samsung launches a new advanced feature that is highly requested

Samsung has provided advanced photo editing features in the built-in photo editor app One UI 6.1 interface update the last one.

Powered by Samsung’s Galaxy AI technology, these improvements allow users to make more precise and creative adjustments directly on their smartphones.

One of the new features is the improved generative editing function. This AI-powered tool allows users to edit specific objects within a specific area in the image.

By drawing a circle around the target object, users can leverage Galaxy AI to adjust its appearance or even remove it completely.

The latest update improves this functionality, providing greater accuracy and control over the editing process.

Another valuable addition is the Magnetic Lasso tool. This feature simplifies object selection, a common point in image editing.

With Magnetic Lasso enabled, the selection line the user draws is automatically adjusted to the edges of objects in the image.

This greatly improves accuracy, especially when isolating complex shapes or objects with complex backgrounds.

For example, when editing a landscape, I can easily select a specific building and highlight it, ensuring that it stands out in the scene.

To use the Magnetic Lasso tool, users just need to open the desired image in the Gallery app, go to “Edit” and select “Objects” from the tools menu.

The Magnetic Lasso icon will be located in the upper right corner and remains active by default. Users can click the icon to turn the feature on or off according to their editing needs.

What do you think of these features?


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