The best PlayStation 5 games of 2022, God of War Ragnarok, finally, and Spider-Man 2

In this video, we will review the most prominent of the best PlayStation 5 games that were announced at the new Sony conference. In this report from Digital TV.

The best PlayStation 5 games in 2022

1- God of War Ragnarock game

Finally, after a long wait and many rumors regarding the new part of the game God of War, a teaser video was shown for the game God of War Ragnarock, one of the… The best PlayStation 5 games It is clear that he will complete exactly at some point the first part has ended, and we will see the hero Kratos again, his son, as they wander in the world of Scandinavian myths, and try to stop Ragnarock or the end of the world. Of course, they will face difficulties, so they will look for another person to help them, a person named Tyr. We are not sure yet if He will remain a playable character, but we are sure that he will still have a large “size” in the game.

2- Spiderman 2 game

After the addition of Miles Morales, which was very strong…and one of the best PlayStation 5 games…they announced at the conference a new part of the Spiderman game, which was made by the Insmoniac Games studio, which is still providing us with amazing games. The video shows Spiderman and Miles Morales together as they… They cooperate with each other to eliminate enemies, but there is no confirmation to clarify whether this means that there will be a cooperative play system in the game or not. It is also not clear who the main enemies of the game are, but it is clear from the video that they will be Kraven The Hunter, and in a very small shot, Venom appears. But it is possible that with time other enemies will appear.

3- Wolverine game

But the really big surprise was the announcement of a new game for the character Wolverine, which was also from Insomniac Games. The show was very small and showed Wolverine sitting in a bar drinking something, but there was someone behind him trying to kill him and making him show his famous claws, and that’s all we know about him. So far, the game has not shown any gameplay style or other scenes, but given the positive history of the developer studio, we will still expect impressive results, and it is one of the best PlayStation 5 games..

4- Gran Turismo 7 game

As for all fans of racing and cars, the seventh part of the Gran Turismo game is on the way, with new cars and places with more than wonderful graphics, and the freedom to modify and beautify your cars in an easy and effective way and in the way that suits you. The display clearly shows a variety of cars and different categories, and it also appeared. There are many types of races around the world that you can participate in, and the game will be the first part to be released on new generation platforms.

  • God Of War Ragnarok

5- Uncharted 4 game

As for the new generation platforms, Uncharted 4 and the additional game The Lost Legacy will remain officially available on PS5, and they are the best PlayStation 5 games. And not only that, they will remain available on PC as well, and it is clear that Sony has become more tolerant in releasing its exclusive games on The personal computer, and it often did this to help increase the sales number and remain in its favor, and also to reach a larger number of people, and this makes us excited about the exclusives that can be released on other platforms, and it is possible that in the future they will release the first three parts on the personal computer.

6- Alan Wake Remastered game

Also at the conference was a presentation of an improved version of the game Alan Wake, which will be available on Playstation 5. The game was developed by Remedy, which has developed other powerful games such as Max Payne, Quantam Break and Control. Alan Wake was the company’s major project after it finished Max Payne, and the game was a success. At that time, it created a large fan base, and Remedy is known to be creative, so we don’t know if it has other surprises inside the updated version of the game or not.

7- Forspoken game

One of the surprises of the conference was also a new game called Forspoken, one of the best PlayStation 5 games. The review of the game explains its general idea, which is that you control the heroine who has supernatural abilities and let her roam in a large open world similar to planet Earth, and on this new planet there are magical creatures and dragons for the heroine. You will face them, and it is very clear from the presentation that the game takes advantage of new generation technologies because the graphics are more than amazing and the open world is very large and available to the player. The game was developed by Square Enix and we hope that it will be a distinctive game, unlike the disappointment of the Avengers game.

8- Project Eve game

One of the new games that appeared at the conference is Project Eve, and the game is very similar to the famous Bayonetta game. The main character is a heroine with strong fighting abilities, a large and vast world full of various creatures and enemies that create an obstacle in the heroine’s path, and more than wonderful graphics that take advantage of the capabilities of the Playstation 5. The presentation showed different ways to kill the various monsters in the game

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