The One UI 6.1 interface update exposes Samsung phones to a very annoying problem, and the company responds!

Samsung community moderators have acknowledged a bug in the One UI 6.1 update, specifically in the

quick control panel. This problem appears after updating the Galaxy S23 series and other phones to the One UI 6.1 interface. However, Samsung community moderators have assured users that they are actively working on fixing this issue.

Feedback from Samsung phone users due to this problem

User feedback highlighted the frustration Galaxy users face due to unexpected activation of the Quick Control Panel.

One user was sad that clicking on a notification or looking at the details opens the quick panel. This unintended activation of the quick control panel hampers the user experience and causes inconvenience in daily use of the device.

Samsung’s response and commitment to resolving the issue

In response to widespread user complaints, Samsung community moderators have taken note of the issue and expressed their commitment to resolve it effectively.

They acknowledged the feedback they received from a large number of users and were actively involved in developing software updates to fix the Quick Control Panel bug on devices running One UI 6.1.

They have issued an apology for the inconvenience caused to users and assured them that corrective measures are being implemented.

Galaxy users are eagerly awaiting the upcoming software updates that will correct the Quick Control Panel glitch. Samsung’s commitment to quickly resolving this issue reflects their determination to improve user satisfaction and ensure a smooth user experience on their devices. The release schedule for software updates remains a focus for users.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not announced a specific timetable for the update release. However, we know that Samsung has put a lot of effort into improving its devices. Since I’ve acknowledged the issue, the update should arrive in the coming weeks. If you are currently facing this problem, there is hope and all you need is a little patience. If we get any information regarding the update release, we will update this article.

Do you suffer from this problem?


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