The WhatsApp update brings an important and much-needed option, so whatis it and how do you access it?

WhatsApp’s overwhelming popularity in Europe has seen it take off not only because of the reliability of its communication service. Meta was able to maintain its messaging application in first place thanks to its continuous updates filled with great new features that help users get a more comfortable and dynamic experience.

For example, WhatsApp recently launched a new feature with chat filters to better organize its users’ conversations. This continuity of WhatsApp updates has helped make it one of the best chat applications.

Now WhatsApp is about to add a new feature with notes to chat messages. Let’s learn together all the details about this feature.

The new WhatsApp update allows adding messages to notes

Launched WhatsApp A new experimental update has been released on the Google Play Store, bringing it to version This update provides a very important feature that allows important messages to be added directly to the notes list, according to the website. WABetaInfo.

This feature is designed to attach notes to WhatsApp contacts. It is a new and useful feature to better manage each contact’s information. When you tap your finger on a message, the drop-down menu includes a new Add to Note option to add a message to Notes.

The screenshot obtained by WABetaInfo shows how Meta developers are looking at the possibility of introducing a function to allow its users to add specific messages to notes.

Currently, as we mentioned, the feature is available in beta stage. But it could arrive soon in an update for Android and iPhone devices.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is also planning to launch new AI features designed to make inquiries and provide research suggestions via chatbot. The latest update also introduced new WhatsApp text formats with lists, quotes, and lines of code.

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