Updates are causing a serious problem for this Galaxy S Series...it has become unbearable!

Phone users complain Samsung The problem is known as the “green line problem”. A thin vertical green line appears on the phone screen, which partially or completely disables its functions. Reports circulating online indicate that this problem mainly affects the Galaxy S21 series, especially the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S21 FE, as it was observed on these two phones more than others.

This issue seems to appear randomly, while others link it to system updates or heavy device usage. One S21 FE user noticed the green line appearing after installing the latest available update, while another user faced the same problem on the S21 Ultra after installing the April security update.

These reports indicate that there may be a link between system updates and the appearance of the green line, but further verification by Samsung is required to accurately determine the root cause of the problem.

Galaxy S21Galaxy S21

Galaxy S21Galaxy S21

The source of the problem is likely a software glitch, but simple solutions that usually fix such software problems, such as restarting the device or resetting it to factory settings, do not work for some users, which may indicate that there may be a defect in a piece of the device’s internal hardware. damaged, requiring further investigation by the manufacturer. The most likely cause of the green line issue seems to be a faulty display connector or flex cable. These internal components connect the screen to the phone’s motherboard, and any damage or looseness inside them can lead to a malfunction of the screen.

Although the appearance of the green line on Samsung phone screens after updates may be considered a coincidence, the spread of user complaints on social media platforms indicates a possible link between the updates and the origin of this problem. Some explanations suggest that system updates, especially on devices equipped with Samsung’s Exynos processors, may generate excess heat that exacerbates a pre-existing defect in the screen components, or cause the glue that holds them together to disintegrate.

However, this theory remains not entirely confirmed, especially since intense activities such as gaming also generate a lot of heat without repeatedly causing the same problem.


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